Building a Strategic Marketing Plan for 2022 from ByteFum
Marketing strategy of the fiscal year 2022
Jan 26, 2022
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The 6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Building a Strategic Marketing Plan.

1. How Much Did Your Company Grow Last Year?

2. What Marketing Channels Drove the Most Value Last Year?

  • Marketing Qualified Leads.
  • Sales Qualified Leads.

3. What is Your Growth Timeline?

4. How Has Your Competitive Landscape Changed?

5. Is Your Market Saturated?

6. What Did Customer Feedback Look Like Over the Past Year?


The element will help you to Build Your 2022 Marketing Strategy.

(A) Review 2021 Marketing Expenses.

  • Identifying the Cost Per Hour of Marketing Activities.
  • Identifying Total Costs of Marketing Expenses.

(B) Building Your Marketing Goals.


Broad Suggestions for Your 2022 Marketing Efforts.

1. Focus on PPC and SEO if Looking for Customer Acquisition.

2. Spend Money on Social Media if You’re Looking to Enhance Your Brand.

3. Spend Money on Brand Awareness if You’re Looking for Mindshare.

4. Startups: Growth Hacking Has its Place, But There’s More to Marketing.


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